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Im posting this with a wii

2009-12-25 02:55:23 by DantasticDan

I don't have much to say, other than the fact of being overly O.C.D. of punctuation is making this an incredibly strenuous task, do to the lack of a keyboard. Or would it be "wii board" in this case? My hand is cramping...


Spamming posts

2009-11-23 20:32:08 by DantasticDan

Have you ever spammed a post?

Did you ever wonder.

2009-09-19 15:51:47 by DantasticDan

what my real name was?


2009-09-13 16:19:02 by DantasticDan

I love pikachu


2009-08-21 21:07:42 by DantasticDan

What a n00b word....